The awe-inspiring Paiute Pass to Pine Creek route, affectionately known as the Sky Marathon, spans a magnificent 26 miles of alpine lakes, rugged granite peaks, and vast open meadows. If you’ve ever set foot in Bishop, California, you’ve undoubtedly been captivated by the majestic Bishop skyline, which proudly showcases Mt. Tom, Mt. Basin, Mt. Humphreys, and Mt. Emerson, among others. This trail hikes just behind the entire skyline, giving us a new perspective on a view we all love.


Price includes guiding, shuttle, permits, group camping gear, tents, kitchen gear, and all meals. Our meals are healthy and prepared by your guide before the trip. We use good quality dehydrated ingredients to make a variety of delicious, protein-packed meals. We rarely serve pre-packaged dehydrated meals. We will all leave our vehicles at the North Lake trailhead on the first day of the trip. On the final day, we will pick you up at the Pine Creek Trailhead and bring you back to your vehicles.


No prior backpacking experience required, but you should be in good physical shape. For proper acclimatization, we suggest spending at least one night at a moderate altitude, higher than 8,000 feet, just prior to the start of the journey. See our detailed tips on acclimatizing an physical training in the “Resources” tab.