There are many reasons why people choose the Private & Custom Guiding option.

  • You cannot find anyone to go with you
  • You do not want to go on a scheduled trip with people you do not know
  • You simply like to do solo trips
  • You want to put together a special family or friends trip
  • You want to go as fast as you need
  • You want to go as slow as you need
  • Our scheduled dates do not work for you
  • You have a trip in mind that we do not offer on our schedule

Currently the Private & Custom option is popular because of Covid-19. While we already keep our groups small, we understand and are doing our best to schedule additional guides to handle the demand. If you’re interested, it’s wise to inquire sooner than later so that we can accommodate your booking.


Our rates depend upon the number of people in your group and the type of trip.

Front Country

Most of our days are full, regular days. We want you to get your moneys worth and have as much activity as you want. But sometimes someone just wants a few hours out with the family, or just a quick taste of what climbing is all about. So our short days are locally based front country trips that are anticipated to be six  hours or less, generally front country rock climbing.

Full Day

Backcountry instructional, climbing or ski trips anticipated to be eight hours or more. This covers nearly all of our trips.

Extreme Day

Climbs or skis that we normally guide as two-day or longer trips that are squeezed into one day. These are by special arrangement and we want to talk with you to make sure it is a good idea. This saves time, but not a lot of extra dollars and probably neither you nor the guide will be doing much the next day. Do not look at an extreme day as just being a way to save money or a way to squeeze something into a tight schedule. You need to be very fit and experienced to consider the extreme days.

Guide Travel Expenses

We pay guides for use of their private vehicle to travel and meet you at the trailhead from our Bishop office. This varies with distance and is added to the daily rate above. We use the current IRS mileage rate. Non-custom courses have this expense already included.

Outfitting with Food and Equipment

We include the following:

  • Food. You need to bring snacks for during the day and hot and cold drinks.
  • Kitchen, stoves, fuel and cookware
  • Tents
  • Water filters
  • Bear canisters where necessary

If you have some of your own equipment by all means bring it, but we do not pro-rate pricing for it.

Full outfitting price is $40 per person/per day. If not taking this option you need to bring your own food, tents and kitchen.

Food only we do at $30 per person/per day.

If not taking these options you need to bring your own food and personal tent, stove etc.

Permit Reservation Fees

The United States Forest Service charges a user fee for permit reservations on all trailheads and we are obliged to collect this and pay it to them.

These are:
Whitney Area: $20.00 per person
Everywhere Else: $10.00 per person

Kids on Trips

Kids are the future of humanity and we want to help show them how appreciating the outdoors and how an active healthful lifestyle can improve their well being and that of those around them. So we want to see young people and kids in the mountains. But we also know that some adults are going on vacation to get away from their kids and we also want to respect that. If you have a family we encourage you to think about a private group that will just be you and your kids and maybe their friends.
For kids under 16 we ask that an adult parent or guardian be present on the program.
For youths between 16  and 18 we need parental approval and a release signed by a parent or guardian and we will try to accommodate solo youths on trips with others. Sometimes it is something that a teenager gets super excited about but mom and dad are just not into the whole outdoor thing. That is fine, but we would like to talk with you about your youths maturity (and yes we have had a number of really great, responsible and fun 16-year olds who are welcome on any trip) and we would also check in with others on the trip. Just talk to us.

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