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Number of participants Day Trips (8 hours or less) Overnights Extreme Mountain Days
1 $535 $595 $675
2 $350 $380 $480
3 $250 $280 $360
4 $180 $230 $300

Short Front Country days

Locally based front country trips which are anticipated to be eight hours or less, generally front country rock climbing.

Overnights & Longer Front Country Days

Backcountry instructional, climbing or ski trips anticipated to be eight hours or more. This covers nearly all of our trips.

Extreme Mountain Day

Climbs or skis which are squeezed into a day, that we normally guide in two-days or more. This saves time, but does not save money, as we pay our guides favorable for the extra effort. You need to be very fit and experienced to consider an extreme days.

Add-On Fees

We add guide travel reimbursements, meal & outfitting expenses, and permitting fees. Scheduled courses and trips have these fees includes.

Guide Travel Expenses: We pay our guides a mileage fee to travel and meet you at the trailhead from our Bishop office. This varies with distance and is added to the daily rate above. We use the current IRS mileage rate.

Outfitting with Food and Equipment: On overnight trips we provide meals, cooking supplies, fuel, water filters, tents and bear canisters. We add an additional $40/day.

Permit Reservation Fees: The United States Forest Service charges a user fee for permit reservations on all trailheads and we are obliged to collect this and pay it to them. (Whitney Area: $20.00 per person. Everywhere Else: $10.00 per person)

Kids and Families

We love taking kids out! Let’s teach them to appreciating the outdoors and the benefits of an active lifestyle. If you have a family, we encourage a private group. For kids under 16 we ask that an adult parent or guardian be present on the program. For youths between 16  and 18 we need parental approval and a release signed by a parent or guardian.