Learn essential multi-pitch climbing skills! When taking on multi-pitch routes, a whole new skill set comes into play. This includes belaying from small stances, managing the rope efficiently, maintaining gear, staying organized, and developing the mental composure to handle exposure. Additionally, the descent often involves down climbing or rappelling. With many aspects to consider, this course strives to simplify the complexities and present them to you in a clear and logical manner. We recommend topping it off with our Multi-Pitch Weekend, two full days of multi-pitch climbing!


We offer a variety of nearby options around Bishop that can be tailored to suit the season and weather conditions. Our main hub is Benton Crags, where we can break down climbs into multiple shorter pitches, allowing you to hone your newly acquired skills effectively.


Our guides are American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) trained and certified so you can expect the highest level of climbing and safety knowledge, combined with solid instructional skills and professionalism.


SMC Rock I or equivalent. While we will review the basics before leaving the ground, you should be familiar with belaying and be able to tie into the rope without assistance.