We all have to start our mountaineering somewhere. Often we do not yet have the skills for technical climbing. Perhaps you do not want to acquire the skills for technical climbs or perhaps you just want to get out and experience the high mountains and climb a 14,000 foot peak. If so then an ascent of Mt. Langley is a great place to start.

Mount Langley, at 14,042 feet, is the southern most of the California fourteen thousand foot peaks and the last major summit as one heads south in the Sierra Nevada. The ascent from the Cottonwood Lakes Basin is straightforward and a lot of elevation is gained via a trail before a talus scramble to the summit.

Langley has had a checkered history and the peak’s close proximity to Mt. Whitney led to much confusion amongst early ascensionists. The redoubtable Clarence King made what was probably the second ascent in 1871 in clouds and poor visibility, believing that he had made the first ascent of Mt. Whitney. He left the area and returned to the east coast before his mistake was discovered. Frantically returning west, King was too late and found that a group of local Lone Pine fishermen had beaten him to the highest point in the lower 48.
We assure you that we will not be making similar mistakes!

Here’s our video description of what it is like to climb Mt Langley.

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