This route includes the Pacific Crest Trail, the John Muir Trail, and the summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental US! We start at the Cottonwood Pass trailhead and finish at the Shepard Pass trailhead. We will pick you up at the end of the trip and bring you back to your vehicles.


Price includes guiding, permits, tents, kitchen gear, shuttles, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and a resupply. The shuttle is included in your trip price and is organized by SMC. Our meals are healthy and prepared by your guide before the trip. We use good quality dehydrated ingredients to make a variety of delicious, protein-packed meals. We rarely serve pre-packaged dehydrated meals.


Prior-day hiking experience is required. No prior overnight experience is required but you need to be in good physical condition, able to walk 13 miles, and gain up to 3,000 feet daily while carrying a multi-day backpack.

Acclimatization & Physical Training

For proper acclimatization, we suggest spending at least one night at a moderate altitude, higher than 8,000 feet, just prior to the start of the journey. See our detailed tips on acclimatizing an physical training in the “Resources” tab.


Day Out Destination Mileage Elevation Gain
Day 1 Chicken Springs Lake 5 miles 1,400
Day 2 Rock Creek Crossing 10.5 miles 600
Day 3 Guitar Lake 10 miles 3,100
Day 4 Summit Mount Whitney then back to Guitar Lake 9 miles 3,200
Day 5 Tyndall Creek 10 miles 1,900
Day 6 To Shepherd Trailhead 14 miles 1,600