Been a few years, wanna review a couple principles, refresh your memory?

You can “audit” day 1 of the 3-day AIARE Recreational Level 1 Avalanche Course online, in the comfort of your home.

Joining will require you have Zoom installed on your computer/phone (given Covid-19, almost everyone already has Zoom). Sit back, listen, participate (or don’t participate) as much as you would like. You can ask avalanche pro SP Parker the tough questions and maybe laugh (or not) at his silly jokes.

You have to complete the 3-day course for an avalanche certificate. No pro-rating will be performed between this purchase and the purchase of the 3-day course. This session is included in the price of the 3-day course. No refunds.

You will be provided a full list of Zoom dates, meeting links, and passwords upon successful payment. Dates are also listed under the “One-day Online Classroom” heading on this page.

No online AVI courses are scheduled at the moment. Maybe we've recorded some sessions. Get in touch.

Let it snow!