For this backpacking training program we have upped the level a little bit and think of it as “Stepping out a bit further”. We include longer distances each day and also a crossing of a Sierra Crest pass, taking us to the west side of the Sierra and then looping back to the east ending at our starting point. Our focus is on getting you skills and comfort with being in the mountains, allowing you to get out by yourself or to be confident joining a longer trip such as the JMT. This is an intermediate backpacking trip and a fun adventure with a group of women who are looking to get out and push themselves a little bit further but in a warm, welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

For three days and two nights we will hike up from forest to the gorgeous high alpine of California, carrying what we need and seeing beautiful mountains, forests and alpine lakes. A lot of people find that it is hard to get time off work to get to the mountains but driving to the Eastern Sierra and back in a weekend just makes everything too rushed and ruins the goal of getting away and relaxing in the mountains. Take an extra day off work and have time to enjoy the peace of the mountains and their beauty and recharge your soul.

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