This is one of the most amazing hikes of its length in the country. This is also a rugged cross country trip, trail-less except for a couple of miles on a closed road and it takes place at elevations above 11,000′ for more than 95% of the distance. The White Mountains are the first of the Great Basin desert ranges and rise to over fourteen thousand feet on the east side of the Owens Valley. The Whites are home to some of the oldest known living things, the bristlecone pine, which can live for over four thousand years. For a while White Mountain was rumored to be higher than Mt. Whitney -it is not, but is a mere 250 feet lower and is perhaps the “easiest” fourteener in California. The Whites are remote, little traveled and true wilderness and the 2009 designation of them as a Wilderness area recognized these values. We hope that you will join us to explore this area with its fantastic views of the whole Sierra Nevada range from Olancha to the Tahoe area. Golden eagles, mountain lions, and groups of desert bighorn sheep are amongst the wildlife here and we hope to be lucky enough to see them.

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