The John Muir Trail is one of the finest wilderness hikes to be found anywhere in the world and is the trip of a lifetime. The spectacular scenery is combined with the generally clement weather of California and warm summer temperatures. 

Not everyone has the ability to take an entire month off of work to hike the JMT, so we offer these option of shorter section hikes. These sections follow the  JMT,  but have additional days added for access in and out at different trailheads. Many of our guests tackle one or two sections each year, completing the entire JMT after a few years!

Backcountry Conditions

We do these trips from July to early September to get what we consider to be the best conditions. There might be biting insects and bugs in July, but by August they should all be gone. In August and September the days, while getting shorter, should be warm with day temperatures in the 60 degree region and nights dipping to about 32 degrees, rarely, and only at the higher elevations. There may be small snow patches on the highest passes, but not normally enough to warrant ice axe and crampon use. This might well change should we have a big snow winter and we will let you know should this be the case. Stream flows will be well below peak flow and most should be easy to cross unless, again, we have a big winter. There is the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms that may be heavy for a short time. You will be in the high mountains so there is always the chance of snow, but prolonged storms are not likely at this time of year.


Our good friend John Dittli published a book on the John Muir Trail. It’s a collection of John’s photos, history and recollections from many hikes. Click here to see John’s slideshow.

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