The Red Dihedral is one of the classic great hard climbs of California’s Sierra Nevada. The peak is a huge cleaver of pure white granite split by numerous crack systems that resembles Yosemite Valley rather than the typical high Sierra. The cruxes are crack climbing rather than face and as such require technique rather than brute strength.

The first ascent of this route was by three 1970s Yosemite climbers: Dale Bard, Bob Locke and Mike Farrell. They originally named the route Ygdrasil after the mythic ash tree of Norse mythology. But it has since become best known as the Red Dihedral – probably because no one could spell or pronounce Ygdrasil.

We also combine this route along with The Third Pillar of Dana into our Third Hulk Linkup giving two of the best hard climbs in the Eastern Sierra in three days.


The best guidebooks are Supertopo’s “High Sierra Climbing” by Chris McNamara. and Peter Croft’s “The Good, The Great, and the Awesome”.

Get them from Maximus Press.

We highly recommend that you spend at least one night at moderate altitude (higher than 8,000′) just prior to the trip. Spending a night in Mammoth or camped in the Bridgeport area would do the trick. Please refer to our Planning for Success info sheet for more info.

We have to pay the Mono Village and overnight parking fee of $5.00 per night.

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