Death Valley is one of the three National Parks near Bishop, but also one of the lesser known and lesser visited ones. But it is our backyard and after decades of adventuring here ourselves, we have recently obtained permits and expanded our offerings to include showing you this remarkable place.

Death Valley has a reputation. What comes to mind are pioneers struggling across the valley abandoning supplies and barely escaping alive. The hottest temperatures recorded on earth. Blinding white salt flats and waterless, parched “desolation”.

This might be true. But there is another side to the Valley. Superb desert hiking into shaded canyons where roses grow and unique species such as pupfish live. Deeply eroded canyons with polished limestone grottos and dry waterfalls. Telescope Peak rising in one massive sweep from below sea level to over eleven thousand above, holding snow all winter long. Petroglyphs scratched into canyon walls by a people who long ago figured out how to survive here.

We can help get you there and show you Death Valley. Expand your backpacking horizons and your “off season” hiking opportunities as experienced guides show you around.

Here is what we have to offer you:

A 3-day, 2-night backpack
The Cottonwood to Marble Canyon Loop – This a three day loop trip that takes us up Cottonwood Creek past small desert springs and over a pass and back down well named Marble Canyon with a sandy wash between soaring grey marble walls and hidden traces of past civilizations.

A 3-day Death Valley smorgasbord
We will make one of the campgrounds near Furnace Creek our base and then over three days choose from our list of 7 possible options choose three, depending upon the desires of the group.

Join us and experience the desert as never before. It will no doubt turn you into a Death Valley aficionado!

Dates 2023

March 17-19

or Custom Programs at any time.