Backpacking School

If you have the desire to backpack into the Sierra Nevada and other mountain ranges but do not know where to start Sierra Mountain Center can help you. SMC backpacking school guides teach you the skills and knowledge to get and use the right gear and bring you to the most beautiful places in the Sierra Nevada.
We know that those first steps out into the wilderness can be intimidating so we try and take it easy and build up your confidence.
We suggest starting with a weekend trip to get you out and where we can focus upon getting you comfortable carry that unaccustomed pack, setting up a comfortable pack and of course avoiding the dreaded blisters and taking care of your feet.
Once you have these skills figured out then how about a three day trip to go further, longer and deeper into the mountains.
After you have a few trips under your pack then it might be time to think about the longer trips and really to separate yourself from the “civilized” world and to immerse yourself in nature.
Everyone has an opinion on gear and equipment, but our guides use it everyday and use it until it breaks. They have formed opinions as to what works, and what does not. Their advice will be freely given so that on your next trip to REI you will know what you want and be able to head right to it.